Commercial Construction

Creative liability solutions for owners and general contractors

Bespoke general liability insurance for commercial construction projects provided by a team of experts. These solutions are available exclusively through our Wholesale Unit.

Key features

  • Primary Limits up to $5m.
  • Per project limits and annual reinstating general aggregate limits available.
  • Flexibility to be written as a traditional practice policy, Rolling OCIP/CCIP or project specific policy.
  • Inadvertent Condo Conversion coverage available.
  • Pay-as-you-go occurrence coverage available, subject to suitability.
  • Deductible and SIR option available.
  • Limited condo conversion coverage available.
  • Defence costs outside limits.

Our commercial construction solutions are available in all US States except New York, with a four year policy term available. For sale residential construction can be written on a separate form.

Our team of dedicated commerical construction liability market specialists brings decades of niche expertise knowledge to the table, providing you with unique, specialty - focussed products aligned to the large and complex risk - based requirements of this fast paced industry.

Paul Jansen