Marine War and Kidnap & Ransom

An efficient and simplified solution for the marine market. Optio offer a one stop shop for War and Piracy Perils for shipowners, operators and charterers.

Optio recognise the need for simplified, accessible and immediate insurance solutions for vessels operating in high risk areas. Harnessing technology through our online platform we will provide our clients with direct access to competitive quotes, coverage and policy documentation 24/7.


Key Features:


1. Marine War

  • War Risks conventional cover (ITC, Nordic and American wordings)
  • Single transit breach cover and annual worldwide policies
  • USD 100m limit with additional capacity for P&I up to the Hull Value (additional limits available on request)
  • War Loss of Hire


2. Kidnap and Ransom / Piracy

Marine Kidnap and Ransom plus Piracy Loss of Hire

Additional limits available on request.

  • Ransom (USD 10m)
  • Loss in transit (USD 10m)
  • Additional expenses (USD 10m)
  • Legal Liability (USD 5m)
  • Personal Accident (USD 1m)
  • Piracy Loss of Hire (USD 6m as an extension, USD 10m Standalone)
  • ¬†Standalone Piracy Loss of Hire (USD 10m)
  • First class response consultants Crisis24, a Gardaworld Company.


3. Kidnap and Ransom (Corporate & Family cover)

  • Limits up to USD 50 million
  • First class response consultants Crisis24, a Gardaworld Company.


Other coverages available on request.

We recognise the need for simplifying the way insurance is transacted for those operating vessels or trading in the marine sector. Whether it be an annual or a single transit policy, we are here to help you easily access cover and to ensure you and your assets are always protected.

Angus Bailey Head of Marine Specialty