About Optio

Optio Group is a leading specialty MGA focused on specialty insurance risks bringing together technology and market leading underwriting capabilities. Optio Group is one of the largest independently owned specialty MGAs. We are here to drive innovation in insurance to manage risk more effectively.

By harnessing expertise and embracing technology, we strive to evolve with the needs of our business partners.  Using a combination of technology and market specialists, we create new products, services and solutions that bring efficiency to the market. With an open culture and unified approach, our people aim to form strong, long-term relationships with business partners so we can exceed expectations every time.


We have a team of market specialists who work together to find new ways to do better business.


We use smart technology to streamline processes, make things simpler and keep ahead of the market.


We use a fully integrated approach to underwriting and the alignment of capital to deliver solutions that add value at every level of our industry.


We provide the right support through a team of experts who have our business partners’ interests at heart.