Environmental, Social & Governance

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Mission Statement

Optio Group believes it is important that we play our part in building a better world for current and future generations. With our people as our most valuable resource, we are committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which people live. We believe that one way of achieving this is by providing an atmosphere which fosters decent work and economic growth.

Our commitment to this encompasses the environment and our climate, social, and cultural footprints. We are conscious of the impact we have, both internally and externally, and our forward-thinking strategy aims to make our company be sustainable and accountable not only to ourselves, but also to our stakeholders and wider community.


  • To minimise our environmental impact;
  • To foster greater diversity and inclusion in our business at all levels;
  • To actively promote good health and wellbeing amongst our staff;
  • To be a considerate neighbour and give back to our community;
  • To be innovative in our business planning and goals;
  • To work with partners towards these shared goals;
  • To be responsible in our consumption of natural resources and our production processes;
  • To work towards peace, justice, and strong institutions;
  • To bear in mind the ideals of a world with zero hunger, poverty, education for all, sustainable cities, and action on climate change in all our business dealing.

Our ESG Initiatives 

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