Proprietary and modular coverage for errors and omissions (E&O) from incorrect billing and associated regulatory exposure, alongside comprehensive network security coverage to protect against HIPAA data protection legislation.


Key features

  • Coverage for the violation of civil, federal or state anti-kick back laws.
  • Coverage for violation of HIPAA and EMTALA legislation.
  • Qui Tam plaintiff coverage.
  • Coverage for both governmental and commercial pay or audits and actions.

We understand that the risks associated with healthcare are becoming increasingly complex. Underpinned by the security and agility of our cyber pro products, our medical billings proposition is seeing remarkable growth globally.


Key Risk Characteristics

• $5M Max LOI
• All 50 States
• Wide variety of healthcare subclasses
• Small clinics, physician groups, Long Term Care, Hospitals
• Primary or Excess
• $5k Minimum premium

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